no more blues…have a Chili


In our home, chili is one of the comfort foods we have…when you feeling low,or not keeping well, don’t feel like cooking, but wanna have something spicy to boost up your spirits, trust me, Chili is what you need… You’ll need: Butter: 2 tbsp Ground beef: 1 lb Red bell pepper: 2 (chopped) JalapeƱo: 2 Continue reading…

Chocolate-Vanilla Swirl Cheesecake


This one my all time favorite i made this for my hubby’s very first birthday after our wedding….a real delicacy and with oreo cookie…everyone’s fav

The recipe is from Kraft’s Food & Family magazine. Kraft publishes this magazine 4 times a for every season…this magazine has really yummy and easy recipes for each season, Continue reading…

Beef Taco


This is a very quick and easy taco recipe….yummy too We at home are big fan of tacos..or say for that matter any mexican food…bcoz we love spicy food..something that tickles your taste buds

You’ll need:Ground lean beef: 1 lbOlive oil: 2tbspOnion: 1 large (thinly chopped)Chili powder: 1 1/2 tspCumin powder: 1/2 tspOregano: 1/2 Continue reading…

Sweet daisy doily


This sweet doily is a good one for your living room center table.Its an easy crochet.

I got the pattern from here. This site has a lot of free crochet patterns. (search for Sweet Daisy Doily )

Its is an easy crochet pattern for beginners too

Here is the pattern:Hook # 7Gauge 9 dc 1Total size: 13″

Continue reading…

Nankhatai (Butter cookie)


This cookie is an all time favorite in our  family. Our mom used to make this for us and decorate it with a small piece of cherry on the top Its very easy and simple to make.It requires no special ingredients…only the common ones in everyone’s pantry-flour, butter and sugar.thats it


You’ll need:All-purpose Continue reading…


Chicken Curry(Creamy kadai chicken)

This one is from my sister.She is a real good cook, who likes to cook and and also loves to eat This simple chicken dish is easy to make, but is quite different from the regular chicken gravy that we get with the rotis(breads) in the indian restaurants.I made this Continue reading…