Pazham pori /Ethakka appam (Banana fritters)


When ever I make pazham pori, my li’l sis comes to my mind. b’cos its her favorite. My achachan(dad) used to get us mid morning snacks when we are home (he still gets us those when go home for vacations) He gets each of us our own favs.mine is dal vada, my li’l sis’s Continue reading…

Kaya Erachi (Beef with plantain)


Though the name of the dish sounds a bit weird, this one is a real spicy, tounge tickling, yummilicious dish. This is one of my all time favorites. I’m sure people from Kerala know what i’m talking about. Its nothing but beef curried in lots of Indian spices and plantain. In my home, we have more Continue reading…

Welcome back with a smoothie


I know, it’s been a while.I mean quite a while

My mom always complains about my dad, someone has to keep pushing him from his back( at times its literally true) to get things done.And I can always relate myself to that, after all I a also a Capricorn like my dad…but, hey Continue reading…