Tangy mango curry….yummmm……mouth watering :)


When i hear of manga curry( thats what  we call mango in kerala), i get the tangy taste in my tounge….mangoes are kerala’s speciality..especially in the summer..we eat mangoes pretty much in its all stages…right from baby mangoes…we make kanni manga pickle(baby mango pickle)…raw mango, eat just like that with salt and red chili Continue reading…

chunky tomato salsa


Don’t you love fresh tomato salsa with your tortilla scoops…scoop full of spicy tangy flavor..yummmm, i love it…get a nice book, slouch on your couch with a bag of chips n a bowl of salsa, oh,my! what more you can ask for

We at home love spicy food…So though, most of the time we Continue reading…

Fried Idli


Ever wondered what to do with the previous day’s idli…here is an easy snack you can make out of it.For those who don’t know what idli is, here is something about Idli.Its one of the common breakfast for us, south Indians. Very yummy n  healthy breakfast.In our home, everyone loves idli, so we hardly Continue reading…