perfect straw cup for ur li’l one


have you ever wondered which sippy cup is good for ur li’l one?? i have….and also have spent quite a lot of time in the kids aisle,  juggling 2-3 cups in my hands reading the manual and comparing the pros and cons of each…
recently bought this one for my li’l one whose is almost two…(actually she is 18 months old….but i like to say it as almost two…which gives me a slight relief as the arrival date of our second bundle of joy looms near..)
i was not sure if she is ready for the cup with a straw, so was using the regular sippy cup with a soft spout.but I found her struggling to sip a mouthful of water from it….and at the end she drank very less water.
this one with a straw helps toddlers drink water easily and also has a slider which closes and keeps the straw clean.
you can also toss it into your hand bag on the go…need not fear about spills too :)
somehow i felt it perfect for my toddler…so thought of sharing with u moms out there….just a thought :)
give it a try….ur li’l one might like it too

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