This small space of mine was born a while ago in 2008 out of mere boredom, when i was left alone with all the time in the world and nothing much specific to do(thanks to my hubby who moves places every now n then for work, which makes me literally jobless quite often)

Grazing through the really wide world web (mostly looking for recipes or other projects), i stumbled up on the amazing bloggers world which made me think of having a space of my own to jot things down..

I should say, many a times, the bloggers world has been a real life saver for me, thanks to all the wonderful bloggers out there :)

Now a days I am a stay at home mommy to my almost one year old sweetie pie, living in TX with my hubby n my li’l one.
and today this space is a real getaway place for me in the midst of daily chores..many a times a hideout which saves me from going insane…

Why the name?
I still remember those days when my mom used to tell me to try new things, saying “variety is the spice of life”…though till date i haven’t really got the essence of it, i try to squeeze in variety to my day to day life n hence the name of the blog.

Whats in here?
In here you’ll find snippets from day to day life, mostly recipes n simple easy DIY projects.
Well, the recipes are all tested n tasted, so go ahead n give them a try :) n of course, DIY projects are worth trying too ;)