Veppilakatti (Curry leaves chutney powder)



I graduated from a college far off from my hometown.I used to stay in the college hostel and got to visit my home maybe like once in a month or so. My mom used to pack me all kind of stuffs to eat, say pickles n snacks and what not. The hostel Continue reading…

Pudina thogayal / Mint thogayal (Mint chutney)


Mint has a very distinct flavour compared to coriander leaves or cilantro, which is a staple herb in every Indian kitchen.In the part of the world were we live, we don’t get mint that commonly in the market as we find the other herbs. So we tend to use it rarely and only when Continue reading…

Mint chutney / Pudina chutney with coconut recipe


I love backyard gardens. I always wanted to have a backyard garden ever since I got married. Not that I have one now, but these days we live in the ground floor, and I have a little space around our patio, which i try to turn into a small vegetable garden. I have got Continue reading…