dal palak (lentil and spinach)


dal is a kind of staple food us south Indians….i remember my grand mom makes a little bit of plain dal every day along with the other main menu for the day…simply cook the dal well n temper it with mustar seed, whole red chilli and curry leaves….and a dollop of ghee/butter to it makes it Continue reading…

Cheera upperi (Sauteed Spinach)


Cheera is the malayalam word for indian spinach…its much similar to regular spinach, but has a more crisp texture…very nutritious green…good source of vitamins, iron and what not…Cheera thoran or upperi is a common dish seen in south indian kitchen, especially kerala….yes , of course with fresh shredded coconut…..oh, yes…we mallus put coconut in anything Continue reading…

April Fool, everyone :)


I still remember those silly days when we eagerly wait for the fool’s day to play pranks on each other. The school  summer holidays might have just begun and all used to be in such high spirits to try some silly prank on each other and once they fall for it, shout “april fool” :)…and Continue reading…

Nankhatai (Butter cookie)


This cookie is an all time favorite in our  family. Our mom used to make this for us and decorate it with a small piece of cherry on the top Its very easy and simple to make.It requires no special ingredients…only the common ones in everyone’s pantry-flour, butter and sugar.thats it


You’ll need:All-purpose Continue reading…


Chicken Curry(Creamy kadai chicken)

This one is from my sister.She is a real good cook, who likes to cook and and also loves to eat This simple chicken dish is easy to make, but is quite different from the regular chicken gravy that we get with the rotis(breads) in the indian restaurants.I made this Continue reading…